317L Stainless Steel Tube


Stainless steel 317L is a molybdenum grade containing low carbon, along with additions of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This offers better corrosion resistance and increased resistance to chemical attacks from acetic, tartaric, formic, citric, and sulfuric acids. 317L tubes/pipes provide higher creep, and resistance to sensitization when welded, due to low carbon content. Added benefits include stress to rupture resistance, and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. Grade 317l steel pipes are non-magnetic in the annealed condition. However, post-welding slight magnetism may be observed.

317L Stainless Steel Pipe Properties

317L stainless steel tubes supplied by Arch City Steel & Alloy contain the following properties:

Corrosion Resistance:

  • Exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance in diverse environments, especially in acidic chloride environments and a wide range of chemicals
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in applications where minimum contamination is required
  • 317L stainless steel tube/pipe with low carbon content offers good resistance to intergranular corrosion
  • The tendency of steel to pit when coming in contact with chlorides, bromides, phosphorus acids, and iodides is suppressed

Heat Resistance:

  • Excellent resistance to oxidation due to chromium-nickel-molybdenum content.
  • Exhibits a low rate of scaling at temperatures up to 1600-1650°F (871-899°C), in ordinary atmospheres.

Welding Characteristics:

  • Except oxyacetylene welding, successfully welded by all common fusion and resistance methods.
  • Filler metal with nickel-base and sufficient chromium and molybdenum content should be used to weld Type 317L steel. This helps in enhancing the corrosion resistance of welded product. AWS E317L/ER317L or austenitic, low carbon filler metals having higher molybdenum content than grade 317L can also be used.


  • Working at Low speeds with constant feeds helps minimize the tendency of grade 317L pipes to harden.
  • Grade 317L stainless steel pipes are tougher than 304 stainless and subject to long and stringy chip when machined.  Hence, the use of chip breakers is recommended.


Grade 317L stainless steel tubes are generally used for handling liquor, acid dyestuffs, bleaching solutions, acetylating and nitrating mixtures, etc. Other specific applications of grade 317L tubes and pipes include:

  • Chemical and petrochemical processing equipment
  • Paper and pulp handling equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Condensers in nuclear and fossil powered stations
  • Textile equipment



Typical Chemical Composition % (max values, unless noted)
min: 18.0
min: 3
max: 4
min: 11.0
max: 15.0




Typical Room Temperature Mechanical Properties
GradeTensile Strength
KSI (min.)
Yield Strength 0.2% Offset KSI (min.)Elongation % in 2ʺ(50.8 mm)Hardness
(Brinell) MAX
(Rockwell B) MAX

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